What do I have to do to get a car loan?

Step 1: Complete the Car Loan Application
Fill out the Secure Credit Application form on this website and one of our Finance Managers will contact you immediately to continue your auto loan application. After the application is completed, we will shop around to our various lenders and fight to get you the lowest interest rate. We do not make any money off of the vehicle financing, so you can be rest assured that we will always be working on your behalf to get you the best deal. Please note that we will not pull your credit report until we speak with you.

Step 2: The Loan Approval and Vehicle Selection Process
Congratulations, we've got you an approval! Now let’s get to the fun part: vehicle selection. We don’t just want to get you into a vehicle like the other guys, we promise to find you something that is safe, reliable, and suits your needs and your budget. With 1,000s of new and used vehicles for you to choose from, you can be sure that we’ll make our promise to find you that car you’re looking for. Oh and if that isn't good enough for you, then we also offer a 30-Day Vehicle Exchange. That’s right, if you’re not satisfied with the vehicle than simply exchange it! We’re the only company in Ontario that offers this to our customers because we only sell great vehicles.

Step 3: Vehicle Delivery
We will schedule a convenient time to drop off your new vehicle anywhere you choose in the GTA. There’s no need for you to pick up the vehicle or visit one of our dealerships, unless you really want to! Our vehicle delivery service is complimentary to all of our customers and provides the convenience that you deserve.

What is the Credit Rebuilding Program?

GT Financial offers our customers with challenged credit not only approvals, but most importantly a 12 MONTH CREDIT REBUILDING PROGRAM. It is a program which we include in every one of our approvals free of charge! For the first 12 months of your loan issued from AU Touch Approved, you have to make all payments on time; no late payments or deferred payments. Once this is completed, after the tenth monthly payment you will be contacted by one of our Approval Experts to refinance at a lower rate since you have successfully completed our program.

What are the conditions?
When offered to refinance at our lower rates available, you have a choice of keeping the same vehicle at a lower rate or trading to another car at the lower rate. Most of the time customers trade to another vehicle at the lower rate. If you would like to keep the same vehicle, it is up to the lenders to approve that request based on the condition of the car that you are seeking to refinance. Please keep in mind that making all payments on time on the auto loan is very important as well as your credit rating and quality does not get worse than it was when you started the 10 month program.

What if I make mistakes during the program?
If for some reason you made a late payment or deferral, or your credit got worse during the 12 month period, it is not over for you. We will review the mistakes during the 12 months that you may have faced and speak to the Lenders about making exceptions to overlook whatever it may be. We have been able to successfully rebuild some of our customers’ credit during the program that still made mistakes during the 12 month. But this is all up to the lenders to make the exceptions and overlook.

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