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The Best Way To Buy, Search & Sell A Car in Ontario

GT is one of Ontario’s main on-line company providing customers with BAD, NEW, NO and GOOD credit car loans. We are family owned and have been in business for more than 15 years and our main goal is to help customers with damaged credit like, bankruptcies, new immigrants, disability, students etc., to obtain affordable auto loans and BUILD GREAT CREDIT, when Banks & Lenders say no to them.

GT Financial has a lot of lenders and banks on-line waiting to approve you with Bad credit; and Good credit at rates better than your bank. We are every experienced with different bad credit situations and that is why we look at every customer’s credit report and match accordingly to one of the many lenders we have to give the best approval for that situation. AU Touch Approved’s main objective is that this process is very easy & hassle free for you!

Apply now through our 100% Secured Credit Application form or call 416 288 6824 today and get approved within hours!

GT Financial has tons of clients waiting for a car of their liking which could be the exact one you're selling. Expose your listing to a wider clientele, and reap the benefits.

Just think of it as an online shopping mall for vehicles. People flock to sites like these because of the wide selection, and who doesn't want their 'for sale' sign to be seen? List your car today!